"Can I just start by saying thank you for being here, I am so thrilled you have found us. When I first started House of Theodora my aim was to help women become more sexually fulfilled. Since the age of 18 (I'm now 33), there's been little growth in the establishment of outlets for women to buy toys and other sexy-time things. If we want to buy these toys and accessories we're often banished to the smutty stores where we're first affronted by the "$2 peep show" signs or we must bypass the belittling product names on a website's homepage.  

But here's the thing, we are sexual beings, our desires deserve to be satisfied. Why shouldn't purchasing a toy or something sexual be just as enjoyable as buying wearable art from Net-A-Porter? Why should we feel embarrassed about embracing our sexual selves? I, like so many other women on their sexual journey have felt embarrassed by my sexual desires, my desire to experiment with vibrators, my need and want to explore what turns me on.

In my early 20s I never discussed my desires with my sexual partners, I faked A LOT of orgasms and felt guilty masturbating. Now don't get me wrong, I'm fully aware that talking about what we want sexually can be so very hard, and it doesn't matter if you're with a casual partner, in a long term relationship or you were married before the birth of the internet, delving into this stuff is no walk in the park.

Sexual confidence doesn't suddenly just appear by watching some 5 minute TED talk, it takes years to build and even when we get it, it goes up and down. It's not a constant. We are the seductress, we are the professional, we are the wife, we are the girlfriend, we are the mother, we are the crazy and unkempt, we are a million and one beautiful contradictions. 

I myself can want to dress up in my favourite leather lingerie, get out my horsehair whip, and wax lyrical about wanting to fulfil my fantasy of having a threesome with another girl but I also have a 3 year-old, parenting is damn hard, some weeks there is a major lack of sexual activity and some nights you will find me watching something on Netflix, wearing mismatched pjs, eating ice-cream and dropping a decent amount of it down my top.

Regardless of our idiosyncrasies, the one thing that ties us all together is the universal truth that we should learn to love ourselves, all of ourselves - the scared bits, the wobbly bits, the beautiful bits, the insecure bits, the curious bits, the silly bits, and definitely the pink bits. But we can't get there until we start to understand and accept ourselves. Embrace your sexual journey and enjoy the ride."

Jasmin x
Founder of House of Theodora

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About our namesake, Theodora

So who is Theodora? She was a bad-ass Byzantine Empress who went from being a lowly actress to running an empire and championing women's rights.