bad girls from mars meetup



When I started this group, I opened it up to women with creative entrepreneurial minds. I wanted to create an inviting space for those who think outside the box and don’t necessarily conform to what is expected of them. They dare to be different, they want to live their life according to their deepest “why”.

We enjoyed a few meetups where we discussed everything from building a brand to sexism to confidence and sharing our creativity.  However, it’s impossible to please everyone and because I had cast the net so wide, I realised I wasn’t pleasing anyone.

I wasn’t following my deepest “why”, the reason I created my business House of Theodora and then the BAD* sex Project and following this, the meetup group. My passion has always been to help women open up the discussion around sex and intimacy, to help them ask for what they want.

To be honest, I thought that if I created a group that just talked about sex and our wild desires, I might be the only one at the table, expressing my dreams of being spanked to a lone bottle of prosecco.

The funny thing is, so often our discussions veered towards sex and intimacy even without my steering them there. So the BAD* Girls meetup is now about sex and intimacy. Let’s get real. Let’s talk about spanking and fucking and masturbation and love and jealousy and confidence.

I know my difficulty is going to be enticing women to come along to chat about their deepest darkest desires with a bunch of strangers but I’ll keep at it because as much as we may not talk that much about it, we need to. One of the key things I’ve learnt in the past year through the meetup and more so, from those women who’ve joined the BAD* Sex Project, is that so many us have the same questions, the same concerns and very similar desires. We just don’t talk about it!

So our monthly meetup will address these things and we’ll do it with a few laughs and a few more drinks. We’ll have a theme too and everyone at the meetup can vote on what each theme will be.

Our venue hasn’t changed, we’ll still be meeting at Budburst Bar in Mount Hawthorn, owned by the gorgeous and incredibly talented Rachel Niall. The next date will be published on this page and posted on the Facebook and Instagram.

And if I happen to be sitting alone with my bottle of prosecco all I can say is, my partner better be awake when I get home.