BAD* Girls



Spanking is a BAD* Girl's delight. Well, at least this BAD* Girl's delight. I have a real penchant for being hit on the bum. So here's our suggestion for getting a little spanking action. First just decide who's gonna be the spanker (like the top or dominant one) and the spankee (the bottom of sub, if you wanna get technical)

Hand in heart
A good basic technique is to use what you've already been given, your hand, or your partner's hand if you're the spankee. Like anything you just want to start off gentle by caressing, squeezing and tantalising the peach. Also don't forget the area where the buttocks meets the top of the thighs as this juicy slab is incredibly receptive to some slight (and hard) tapping.  Of course intensity can be increased after checking in and making sure all is A-OK.
Even if you're pretty seasoned at this it's always good to start off slow and soft because if intense sensation is given before you've had time to become aroused, and adequate endorphins have yet to seep into the system, it is likely to be perceived as pain instead of pleasure.
Once the buttocks is sufficiently slapped move on to the shoulders, upper back, hips and torso. Avoid areas like the neck, backs of the knees and the groin. Ouch!

Paddle, baby
The next step up is undoubtedly the paddle. I use a leather paddle for my spanking activities and of course because I've experimented etc etc, I highly recommend using a leather paddle. Much like spanking with the flesh, you must make sure you're fully aroused before you go in for headmaster spanking proportions. I personally like tracing Mr C's body with the paddle before settling on a spot to spank. This seems to drive him wild as the anticipation is half the fun and he never knows where I'm going to stop and begin delivering my delicious punishment because I change it up each time.

This is the thing I try to get across to everyone who asks me for advice, it's seriously about having fun and playing around. Don't be predictable and don't be afraid. You can be as gentle or as tough as you like, as long as your partner is receptive to it. Sometimes I want some heavier punishment, others time I;m not in the mood but this is a good thing because it means you're tuning into your emotions and your body. It's the reason I've amassed such a collection of accessories and toys because somedays you feel like one thing and others can be completely different. Life's just like it. And thank god it is.

Whip it, whip it good
A few years ago I came across the horsehair whip. Seriously this shit will change your life, well at least it did mine. Once the powers and pleasures of erotic spanking with palms and paddles have been explored, you may wish to play with whips.

The horsetail whip is awesome because it can give you a full-body experience which helps circulation and increases sensitivity. I promise this is not as scary as it seems! The sensual sensations from the horsehair can range from feathery to intense. Once again, starting gently is key. I love to get Mr C to lay on his stomach and gently run the whip across his back and down his bottom, starting softly and increasing intensity.

If whipping is something you think you might enjoy, I highly recommend investing in a horsehair whip. Unlike the other instruments, the horsetail whip is unique in that there is no area of the body, other than the face and neck, that it cannot tantalise to a warm, tingling glow. The whip can also be used to softly stroke the genitals, nipples and breasts (and it feels amazing!).

I only sell one type of horsehair whip from leather artisan Paul Seville who only uses the most reputable horsehair (the same company that supplies the Royal Family supplies Seville with his). It's a unique sensation unlike any other.

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