At what age did you do it? 16, I even remember the date, the 2/10/1997!
Who was lucky enough to be your first? Craig who I was seeing at the time
How did you feel about having sex for the first time? It felt natural but the internal dialogue was loud!
How did it play out? We’d had dinner and seen a movie but I can’t remember what they were! We did it in Kings Park on his jacket. I remember my knickers were around my ankles still, there was a little bit of pain but it was nice, I could feel his warmth. I didn't orgasm but it was nice.
What would tell your virgin self now? Be proud of what you did, it was classy and that's what you wanted


How old were you? 17, nearly 18
Who was lucky enough to be your first? Chris, my first serious boyfriend
How did you feel about it? I was so nervous. We'd talked about it for a while and I felt a bit of pressure because I knew everyone was doing it around me. I'd analysed it over and over in my head. I think I was a bit over it to be honest.
How'd it all play out? We had planned a romantic night at his parent's house but then we ditched that to go to a house party and we were both trashed and did it on a strip of nature park near the party. It was all very fast and awkward. I swapped candles and the threat of the parents walking in for vodka and grass stains on my singlet top. 
What would you tell your virgin self? Don’t worry so much. It's seriously just sex.