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I sometimes describe myself as "the crazy anthropologist, charting out the uncharted world of polyamorous relationships. And then reporting back to the Imperial capital, what the landscape is like and the exotic creatures found therein."

Harry is in a long-term relationship with Anna who is married with a child. We talked to him about his foray into polyamory and what it’s like being in love with a married woman.



"When I enrolled myself in Non-Monogamy 101, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Having had long-term boyfriends for my entire adult life, I found myself in my mid-twenties, having been distinctly single for several years, and having recently escaped a demanding corporate career that had completely devoured my life and sense of self. This new space I was suddenly inhabiting - asking myself what I liked, what I wanted, and actually listening to my own response - brought with it a curious and unexpected realisation. I wanted to date women.”



I've long been a fan of having little hair down there. I like a smooth pussy because for me it feels good, I swim a lot in the summer and I find sex always feels better with a mostly bald entertainment centre. Now when I say "smooth" I mean mostly bare with a little landing strip, how else do the dudes find their way?

While I may love having little pubic hair I've never enjoyed the procurement process. In fact I really dislike waxing and I hate shaving even more but because I'm vain and it would appear sadistic, I have endured the monthly wax, on and off for years.



Some of us gals may get turned on by watching some erotica or exchanging a glance or a touch with our lover, for submissive Isa, it's domestic chores that make her near lose her mind. Isa plays the role of a "service" submissive - doing a dish or sweeping a floor for her Dom, is one of her biggest turn-ons.

Interest in BDSM is incredibly popular and for good reason.  Done correctly, it can provide an incredibly heightened intimate experience yet it's still one of the fantasy areas that suffers from a lot of misleading information in mainstream media We sat down with her to chat about what it's really like to be a submissive in a long-term relationship.