BAD* Girls



So you’ve moved from dirty talking (maybe dreaming?) about anal and you’ve decided you want to give it a go. Oh but how do we broach this one? If you’re like me, you may just come out and say “hey babe, I want to wear a strap-on and fuck you up the arse” which may or may not go down so well. I’m still yet to get a “yes” answer to my pegging enquiry but I’ll keep you posted.


If you’re a little unsure about it all though let me put your mind at ease by saying I am yet to meet a man who doesn’t like the idea of sticking his penis in your buttocks. Maybe he’s tried it before with a previous partner of maybe he’s just fantasised about it. Either way, there’s a high likelihood you’re gonna get a “hell yeah!” instead of a “hell no”.

The very first time I tried to put something up my butt, I thought I was going to explode and not in a good way. In fact it’s taken me a looooong time to get used to having something put up my butt and to be honest, while I find the idea of dirty talking about anal, it’s not my favourite kind of sex. Having said that, loads of people love it and are really interested in it.

Let's not rush this, k?

As with every playtime, only fools rush in, right? If you’re new to anal you want to take it very slow. Conquering the anal kingdom should never be rushed, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a member of the Rosebud Royalty. Every 

I always find when you’re trying something new, it’s much more comforting to set up a nice scene. Dim the lighting or play some music. Always aim to create an inviting, comfortable and clean room and bed. Also set up your play kit. Decide whether your anal play will involve using just your fingers, or perhaps you’ll attempt full penetration. Not sure? Then just have everything at the ready - water-based lubricant, condoms, dental dam/cling wrap, tissues and any toys within reach. If you have everything in reach it means you won’t have to break a nice flow once everything gets going.

You then want to start slowly (seriously, like you’re on slo-mo). I’ve read so many GQ etc articles that pretty much say, just start with the of the penis tip and then after a few minutes put the rest in. For most gals, it does not work that way. We have lovely little tight holes that need to be nurtured and slowly opened. 

Lube it up!

Lube is going to be your BFF. Get your partner to tease your rosebud with a well-lubed finger first or tongue. Seriously, don’t try and stick an erect penis in there if it’s your first go, no matter how much lube you apply! 

If you find this is plenty then stop after a while. You can try again another time. It took me a while to get used to having things put up there. I mean it is a poop shoot, after all.

However, if you find this fine then suggest your partner use their middle finger to penetrate the centre of the anus with lots more lube and love. You can syringe some lube up there too. Oh and remember, deep breathing goes hand in hand with anal.

OK so all is going well. Your partner can now massage and stroke the walls of the anal canal slowly and patiently, while working their finger inwards. You’ll find that as you become more aroused, your sphincter muscles will become supple and receptive and your partner will find it easier to pass into the anal canal and outward again with ease. 

All systems go!

Good news is if you’ve got this far you’ll be pretty aroused and more relaxed and once this happens your sphincter will likely turn into a lovely sucking machine. You can now swap from fingers to penis or strap-on. This may take a few sessions to get this far and remember when you do graduate to full penetration, you need to communicate to your lover your needs and desires: maybe you want more shallow thrusts or deeper ones? Maybe you’d like the thrusts to be faster or slower. Communicate, communicate, communicate! 


Wanna chat?

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Jasmin xx