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I know we probably sound like broken records but seriously, sexy time is all about the journey and the build up of sexual tension. Gently kiss, caress and touch every inch of your partner's body before moving down to his temple. Massage and tickle with your hands, hair,featherstoys and any other props you can find.

If you haven't yet tried an icy touch on the male temple, do it! Not only does it feel amazing but it allows for a longer play time. You can either try swirling the ice cube in the mouth and take it out before play or if allowed, keep the ice cube in the mouth for a pure chill sensation. Once the ice melts, the skin will be ever more sensitive to touch. Alternate the ice with the warm of a mouth that's just sipped a hot tea.

Very rarely do you find a couple that climax at the same time. It's more common for men to climax before us gals so mastering techniques of prolonging ejaculation is incredibly important.

A toned PC muscle will go a long way to help with this. Many think PC muscle exercises are for women who've had children but strength in these muscles are also crucial for men in controlling ejaculation.

The pelvic lock involves the contraction of the PC and sphincter muscles. Practicing the PC muscle flex regularly will allow greater control.

So how do you do it? The next time you head to the washroom to relieve yourself, stop urinating mid-flow. The muscle that you unintentionally flex to stop the flow is the PC muscle. It can be little difficult to locate in the beginning, but after doing it a few times in succession you will be able to pinpoint its exact location.

Another method you can use to control ejaculation is called the finger lock, which manipulates the vas deferens. When executed skilfully, the finger lock inhibits the reflexive contractions of the vas deferens, preventing the outward journey of seminal fluid.

As soon as ejaculation is imminent, apply pressure with three fingers, but not too hard or too soft. The proper amount of force will be found with experience. Generally speaking, the stronger the finger tips, the less pressure needs to be applied to halt the fluid.

The fingers should be curved slightly. The middle finger should be a little more bent than the other two in order to provide a solid, even wall through which the fluid can't pass.

If too much time passes before applying the pressure, no force can stop the flow of seminal fluid. The lock should be applied before, during and after contractions. Lock should stay in place until you are certain that the pumping has completely ceased.

Cock rings are yet another way to prolong orgasm and ensure a sustained erection by constricting blood flow and keeping it in the shaft of the penis. 

When it comes to giving full attention to the temple, keep it rhythmic, alternate between sucking and licking, pay attention to every inch of the penis and don't forget to massage the testicles!

Whatever you do, the aim of BAD* Sex is to encourage you to broaden your experience, to have fun and embrace the journey always in a safe, sane and consensual way.

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