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Fire & Ice

Temperature play is so hot right now. (See what I did there? Comedic genius if ever there were one!) OK, I'll pull my head out of my ass now and just state the facts. Temperature play is seriously hot right now and has been for a very long time.

I like to think of it as one of those things that I don't do that often but when I do, it feels amazing. It's like your nerves are woken from a deep deep slumber. It's a bit like when I go see my hairdresser and I ask him to pull my hair when he's conditioning it, I think it freaks him out a little bit but it feels so good.

The idea behind hot and cold play is to well, alternate the temperatures. This puts your body on high alert and everything becomes more sensitive and heightened. Now don't go lighting yourself on fire or booking a sleepover in an igloo just yet. You want to ease yourself into this and good news is, you don't need an expensive kit to do it, a little imagination goes a long way.

Wax it!

Wax play can produce amazing, tantalising sensations. Once the wax is removed, the skin is ultra stimulated and the slightest touch can have you squirming.

Due to popular demand, companies such as Lelo have started producing massage candles meant for play. These melt at very low temperatures and are more like an oil which can be rubbed into the skin (but kinda not because you still feel like you're scraping wax off your back). If you want to opt for a regular candle, then always choose paraffin over beeswax as these don't get so hot. 

As in life, common sex is always going to play a major part so don't go lighting a candle and dumping a heap of wax all over your bae without checking sensitivity first (unless they've instructed you to do so in which case, go forth and conquer, my friend!).

Drop a little of the wax from a height onto your lover's lower back and watch for their reaction. If you still have a partner after this then exactly you can continue to experiment. The more obvious erogenous zones of the body will respond wonderfully to the hot wax play. Try dripping onto any area below the neckline, including the obvious breasts and nipples which will respond very well. 

Pussy Seal

This is not referring to a seal that looks like a baby, here we are talking about a temporary chastity measure just for fun.

Use some candle wax to seal off the vagina or the rosebud (nice word for a-hole) by pouring a little wax onto a saucer, letting it cool and then applying it to the area by hand. 

It will still seal off the area but won't burn the tissue. It's best to ensure a hair free area when doing this and once again, never, ever use hot wax or drip the wax directly onto the sensitive area. Ouch!

Fondue me

I quite like this one because a lot of good memories have been with my fondue set. I once dated this gorgeous tall, dark, handsome man who got naked and let me ... Anyway moving on. Melt some chocolate or some cheese and either use your fingers, a paintbrush or some feathers to apply to the body. Be warned, the melted goo in your fondue can get toasty so as always, check before you make art.

Once you've decided on your heating methods you can choose your cooling ones, or vice versa. Remember the skin is going to be ultra sensitive after applying heat so lover beware, if you know what I mean!

Ice can be used to tease and tantalise any part of the body below the neckline (above here stick to the lips). As much as you used to hate it when your friends would put an ice cube down your top to watch your nipples go hard, ice on a hot skin feels amazing.

Oral Ice, how nice

An ice cube in your mouth during oral sex will do wonders and it can be a really goo technique to calm an over-excited man. His penis may shy away from the cool but afterwards it'll be super sensitive to touch. Also, popping an iced cube into the pussy gives a chilling thrill. Ever tried alternating an icy mouth with a warm mouth that's just sipped tea? No? Then hop to it, baby!

Iced lolly

Glass dildos can be fun, if you like them and the beauty of them is you can pop them in the freezer for a while to chill them. Alternatively you can invest in a ceramic dildo with a cork at the end that allows you to fill the vessel with water and chill it in the fridge.

Blindfold and chill

Now, c'mon, who needs Netflix and Chill when you can Blindfold and Chill? Sight restraint is a great way to heighten your partner's arousal and anticipation during temp play (during any play, actually!). The tension that builds whilst waiting for that next drop of wax or touch of ice can send anyone mad. It can be quite an intense experience so make sure to check-in with your partner. Try leaving the blindfold until after the wax has been scraped off to fully immerse yourself in the experience.


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