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Stimulating the surface of a well-aroused lover’s warm skin with an ice cube will create the same amazing intense sensations of hot wax. Ice can be used to tease and tantalise any part of the body below the neckline. Above this area it's best to stick to the lips and mouth. 

{*} Oral Ice, how nice
An ice cube in your mouth during oral stimulation will turn the sexual tension in an over-aroused male but once the ice has melted, his skin will be ever more sensitive to touch. Inserting a cube of ice into the vagina will also give a chilling thrill. You can alternate the ice with the warm of a mouth that's just sipped a hot tea.

{**} The iced lolly
Cold dildos provide amazing pleasure tingles. You can buy glass dildos that you can put in the freezer or you can also purchase ceramic dildos that feature corks at the end of them in which you put cold water. 

Or you can channel the DIY and make your own by putting a condom in a toilet roll, filling it with water and freezing it. Once frozen, keep the dildo in the condom and run it under cool water prior to use to ensure you remove the frost. A perfect summer or winter treat.

Sight restraint is a great way to heighten your partner's arousal and anticipation during fire and ice play. The tension that builds that whilst waiting for that next drop of wax or touch of ice, when blindfolded, can send anyone into a frenzy. It can be quite an intense experience so make sure to check-in with your partner. Try leaving the blindfold until after the wax has been scraped off to fully immerse yourself in the experience.

Whatever you do, the aim of BAD* Sex is to encourage you to broaden your experience, to have fun and embrace the journey always in a safe, sane and consensual way.

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