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I get asked a bit what my favourite toys are. Sex toys, that is (not the furry troll type). I bought my first sex toy in 1999 when I was 18 from a trashy sex store. It was a tacky, clear pink rabbit and to be honest I don't remember much else about it.  In the 16 years since then, I've experimented with many toys and even though now I have a drawer of props and toys, there are two that I return to time and time again. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the first, Soraya.

Jasmins fave toy

I’m very fussy with my vibrators, I want them to look really nice and work really well and this excels in both of those in my opinion. 

The maker

Soraya is made by Stockholm-based company Lelo. At just over 10 years old, the company has become synonymous with high quality toys the world over. 

The packaging

You know what they say about first impressions! The packaging of the toys I buy for myself is incredibly important. I'm not interested in buying something that looks cheap and tacky. I want something that looks good not only when I receive it but I want it to look great for the entirety of its lifespan.

I'm a big fan of Apple products and packaging and it's little surprised that Lelo's packaging is likened to Apple. It's slim, subtle and everything within the box has its own place, a little home where it fits snugly.

It comes in a long, thin black box with a concealed compartment that contains a satin drawstring pouch, a charger, sample lubricant and all warranty info.

The features

  • Soraya has gorgeous curves with a metallic inlay and comes in three colours - cerise, deep rose and black. I have two - deep rose and black. I change it up depending on my mood.
  • This vibe is known as one of the best dual stimulators. It hits both the G-spot and the clit, which is awesome because it means that it can become your best friend regardless o whether you orgasm best vaginally or through clit stimulation.
  • This baby is waterproof which not only makes cleaning a breeze but also means you can have bath and shower play. I love relaxing in a bath filled with bubbles, flowers, cloves and Soraya.
  • It’s super quiet, which is a big deal for me because too much noise can really kill the vibes.
  • It has 8 different modes and speeds which allows you to experiment and slowly build intensity. It has dual clit and g-spot settings but you can also use the clit stimulator or g-spot setting on their own.
  • It's made from body safe silicone. This may seem like a blah feature but you'd be surprised how many dodgy toys there are floating around. I care about my body and while I don't mind plying it with copious amounts of alcohol, I do mind putting dangerous chemicals into my wahoo.
  • It charges quickly and has staying power (4 hours of it to be exact). You want something that's going to go the distance. Some of my sex sessions last a couple of hours and I want to know that my toy is there for me at the start until the end.
  • I like the large and easy grip handle on Soraya. I've tried too many vibrators that have been given the slash purely because they were awkward to manoeuvre. 


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Jasmin xx