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Some days don't call for sex. Shock horror, right? How can an aspiring nymph not want sex of every minute of every day! And by sex I mean sex with someone else or just with yourself. Some days are simply for self care. We're often so busy doing things and people and trying to please others that we forget to take care of numero uno. Maybe we think it's too indulgent or that we should be doing something more "productive" or some nonsense. Taking care to look after and love ourselves is so very important. So your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pick one of the following and set aside some time for you. Without interruptions or excuses.


This is number one for me because I have a bath and when it's not full of sum or my kid's squeaky toys, it's one of life's great pleasures. 

Now when I say I have a bath, I don't just turn the tap on and then sit my flabby bum in the water. No, I like to create a set, after all the topic of this is "romancing oneself".

I move in lamps, candles, I cram stuff into the cupboard so that I can pretend that I'm completely free of chaos and incredibly clean and tidy. I fill the bath with water usually and then add some toppings like bubble bath, fancy overpriced tea leaves or small nice smelling weapons such as cloves and star anise. Or I'll chuck in a bath bomb. This one smells good even though it ends up looking more like dirty dishwater than an enticing soaking liquid. But by this stage you should have your eyes closed and be masturbating so you won't even notice.

I also like to have a suitcase/table with any necessary props I think I might want - a glass of water, a glass of wine and a tumblr of G&T, a book, some sort of speaker/ipod/iphone/otherphone that hums your fave playlists, a small towel. Just a word of caution, if you can't separate yourself from your phone, try not to dangle it over the water...

So you may be in the camp that thinks dining along or seeing a movie alone is for loners. Not me! I've eaten in numerous restaurants alone with a good book and/or journal (a surprisingly effective unintentional pick-up tactic) and have many a time balanced an extra large box of popcorn + coke + family sized pack of Maltesers on my lap whilst indulging in some movie on my own.

Seriously, taking yourself on a "date" is totally underrated. Plus, you open yourself up to meeting a new friend.

But OK, if you're not in the above ballsy camp, I'm gonna say "no worries, take yourself on a date at home".

Dress in something that makes you feel sexy, make yourself a beautiful dinner (or in my case just order your fave UBER Eats), spread rugs on your lounge room floor, build a fort with cushions.

Make a massive pot of fondue and eat the lot while watching your favourite movie. If you want this to double as some romance and self play time then watch an erotic movie, have your favourite vibrator in reach and end the night with an orgasm or two. 


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Jasmin xx