BAD* Girls




So I consider myself to be quite confident when it comes to sex. I'm happy to ask for whatever I want, I dress up, I love to play the dominatrix just as much as I love to play the servant. I have very open communication with my partner and I generally feel good about my sex life.But. Here I was thinking I was owning it, totally owning it.

And then I decided to take note of all the negative self-talk that filtered through my mind during sex because surely I don't have that many, right?! So wrong. So very wrong. There aren't enough crying emoji faces to really convey just how wrong I was! 

(Now I didn't stop my play time every 30 seconds to write stuff down, instead this is a summary of a few sex sessions and my note taking in the moments after climax.)

Warming up: Did I brush my teeth? Does my breath smell? When my bush is prickly from regrowth does it feel like the tiny needles that i'm feeling right now from my man's beard?


Jasmin xx