AUGUST 15, 2018 from 6pm - 8pm



The monthly HOT [house of theodora] MEET is all about sex, intimacy and relationships. It's about getting real, a place where you can talk about spanking and fucking and masturbation and love and jealousy and non-monogamy and fantasies and SQUIRTING AND confidence.

Each month we have a theme and this month's is FEMALE SEXUALITY :: IS IT REALLY AS FLUID AS THE MISSISSIPI? 

Is female sexuality free, dynamic and unable to be categorised or is the concept of sexual fluidity simply a phase? There has been much debate in recent years about whether a woman can experience changes in her sexual attractions - can she go from being in love with a man to being in love with a woman?  In this meet, we will discuss what it means to be sexually fluid, how it relates to our sexual orientation, why women are supposedly more fluid than men and divulge our own experiences of fluidity, if we've had them.

This event is open to females only. We have an amazing group of women who've come along previously and although we are small, we are mighty! The richness and openness of the discussion is quite amazing. Anything goes, we respect all opinions and desires. Sadly, this will be our last meet at Budburst Small Bar as they are closing down, we are in the process of securing a new location. 

So come along, grab a drink and let's talk about sex, baby.


Here's what some of our girls say about our monthly HOT meet

The HOT Meet is the highlight of my month and has been one of the best things to happen to me. Meeting so many beautiful souls, sharing intimate details in this warm space has benefited my life and self development in immeasurable ways. From day 1, it’s felt safe, loving, and easy. Whether it’s getting validation for decisions that may buck social norms, for realising you aren’t alone in desires, it’s a safe space for women to explore being women.
— Katey
In theory, meeting 10 strangers from the internet to discuss sex sounds unnatural and weird. In practice, it’s powerful. In these strangers I’ve found safety, warmth and sexual intellect that some of my most treasured friendships lack. The night flows naturally and becomes a protected space to discuss desires, debunk stereotypes and learn about sexuality, preference and myself. There is nothing else like it.
— Elizabeth
I leave every monthly meet feeling validated. It is such a joy to be frank in discussion about those topics that are central to our sexual and emotional wellbeing without feeling judged or dismissed.
— Jane
I originally connected with House of Theodora via lingerie and have been going to the meet ups since they started. I’m grateful and admire Jasmin for the forum she’s created and that it’s an evolving thing. I take my interests seriously too and am not satisfied by shallow conversation. Sex is a vital part of existence but most of us have lacked the opportunity to talk about it for various reasons. It’s liberating to be able to talk about and share sex related experiences with a (diverse) group of women. It expands my understanding of sex, myself and others. I enjoy continuing sparks from the conversations with my (male) partner, and the internal buzz these meet ups give; the value definitely extends outside the [wine] bar.
— Heather