We highly encourage you use lube with you toys and so we give you some free with your new Soraya.

SORAYA by lelo

Ah, the rabbit. Made famous by our gal pals in Manolos, there's a reason this design has stuck. This beautifully designed version from the best vibrator company, Lelo, is my personal favourite. If you somehow missed the video about Soraya, it's at the bottom of the page but here are some of my favourite features:

  • It's damn sexy. This baby even won a design award!
  • It hits both the G-spot and the clit, which is awesome because it means that it can become your best friend regardless o whether you orgasm best vaginally or through clit stimulation
  • It has 8 different modes (I have a favourite mode and it's the one that focuses purely on the clit but you do you, obviously!)
  • This baby is waterproof which not only makes cleaning a breeze but also means you can have bath and shower play. 
  • It's made from body safe silicone. This may seem like a blah feature but you'd be surprised how many dodgy toys there are floating around. I care about my body and while I don't mind plying it with copious amounts of alcohol, I do mind putting dangerous chemicals into my wahoo.
  • It charges quickly and has staying power (4 hours of it to be exact). You want something that's going to go the distance. Some of my sex sessions last a couple of hours and I want to know that my toy is there for me at the start until the end.