10 HOT sex facts

Become curious about anything and you’re sure to find out some things that may shock, surprise or delight you. Below are some of the interesting facts we’ve uncovered about sex and love and everything in between.

1. 1 in 10 European babies are conceived in an IKEA bed – let’s hope the sex was more enjoyable than the bed construction.

2. A single human male produces enough sperm in 2 weeks to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet. I’m still trying to deal with this one.

3. Remember that person you swore you hated? Well, apparently you can fall in love with them. More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory and more recently, a lady named Mandy Len Catron tried it for herself. You can read all about it over on the New York Times.

4. Greek philosopher Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) limited women’s role in procreation to the housing of homunculi, the miniature, preformed individuals he believed to be stored in the male testicles. It wouldn’t be until he 17th century that this assumption would be challenged by Dutch physician Reinier de Graaf.

5. During the First World War, British spies experimented with using semen as invisible ink to write top secret letters.

6. Humans and dolphins are the only species to have sex for pleasure.

7. The word “vagina” is often used to describe the genitals as a whole but here’s a newsflash, lovers, “vagina” should only be used to indicate the vaginal canal alone, not the female genitals as a whole. The term vulva, Latin for “wrapping”  or “matrix”, should be used to correctly indicate the visible portion of the female genitals, and, more precisely, the visible elements of the clitoral system.

8. The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in one lifetime is 20,160 minutes. That’s 336 hours, 14 days or 2 weeks.

9. On Google, the top complaint about a marriage is not having sex. Searches for “sexless marriage” are three and a half times more common than “unhappy marriage” and eight times more common than “loveless marriage.” There are 16 times more complaints about a spouse not wanting sex than about a married partner not being willing to talk.

10. According to a study published in the Journal of Sex Research, a person’s pain threshold significantly increases during arousal.

Any of these too crazy to believe? Got any interesting sex facts to add? 

Thanks to Helmut Newton for the image