designer love :: chromat

I've been creeping on Chromat since they launched in 2013. Founder & chief creative Becca McCharen is a forward thinking individual who is challenging the fashion industry so I wasn't surprised when she was announced as a finalist for the influential CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

McCharen did not study fashion instead she graduated from Univeristy of Virginia School of Architecture and could be at first found on construction sites.  Her architectural bent is obvious when you look at her stunning sculptural pieces. But as McCharen has proved time and time again, she's not just creating interesting fashion, she's challenging an industry entrenched in out-dated practices by committing to creating a truly inclusive brand. 

"I like to work with plus-size women or trans women or women with bionic legs. For us, the people we to put on the runway are the people we're inspired by, the people we want to see in fashion, and the people we want to celebrate. Coming from not-the-fashion-world, I wasn't so much entrenched in that philosophy of the homogenous clothes-hanger model. We've always wanted to celebrate all the people who are in our world," she told Elle magazine last year.

Becca McCharen was featured in the #ActuallySheCan video series, which are films dedicated to celebrating strong, smart and driven women. The film follows McCharen as she prepared for the new Lumina collection, inspired by "the color theory and light explorations of conceptual artists Robert Irwin and Dan Flavin combined with the biological functions of luminescence." 

Watch the film here.