on opening up a marriage

I think it's fair to say that most of us enter into a marriage with the idea that it will be an exclusive relationship in all matters - emotional, financial, physical. We say "I do" with the intention of creating a lasting bond with someone that in most cases, we've chosen. And we may have chosen them for a lengthy list of reasons. It may be their humour, their intellect, their curiosity, their drive, their looks or the length and girth of their package.

Most of the time we expect our "other half" to excel and outperform in many, many areas. Often, it means putting an incredibly large amount of pressure on one person to tick all our boxes.

So what happens when you're married to somebody who you adore, who is your best friend, who you trust fully, who you respect wholeheartedly but who does not fulfill you sexually? Do you resign yourself to the fact that you may never have hot sex again? Do you seek sex therapy and try to rebuild a connection? Do you cheat? Or as in Sarah's case, do you decide to open your marriage?

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