rethinking infidelity

If we say polyamory is on one side of a scale, infidelity then, can certainly be placed at the other end. Whilst polyamory is based on trust and transparency, infidelity is often referred to as the “ultimate betrayal” in a relationship and in many cases spells the end of it because everything that came before can seem like a lie. It’s frightening to think that one transgression can destroy years and years spent with a significant other. We always find it refreshing to see people challenging the way we view relationships, offering alternatives to what we think is the only way out. Esther Perel, a renowned psychotherapist helps many couples deal with the aftermath of an affair. In this TED talk, she expresses her views on why people cheat, why an affair is so traumatic and how couples involved in an affair can come out the other side stronger. Temptation is often inevitable, especially in long term relationships but understanding why we experience is all the more powerful. We would love to know what you think about Esther’s take on infidelity - view the video here. Tell us in the comments below.