Hi! I am so thrilled you have found us. This is a place dedicated to all the badass babes who want to own their sex lives, who want to figure out exactly what they want, who want to experiment and find better ways to communicate in their sexual relationships.

Because here's what I've learnt so far. Knowing what we want and who we are is not something that can suddenly become clear by watching a TED talk. It's a journey, it takes us sifting through crap and facing some hard truths to figure it all out. Sexual confidence is no different, even when you get it, it goes up and down!

 But sexual fulfilment is something we all deserve and it's totally attainable. We're all incredibly unique beautiful creatures but the one thing that ties us all together is the universal truth that we should learn to love ourselves, all of ourselves - the scared bits, wobbly bits, beautiful bits, insecure bits, curious bits, silly bits, and definitely the pink bits. But we can't get there until we start to understand and accept ourselves.

We help girls boost their sexual confidence through our BAD* Sex Project and we sell some cool sexy stuff made by some badass, fashion-forward babes who are totally killing. We also occasionally write some stuff and rant about stuff.

Jasmin xx


Who's Theodora?

We're named after the Empress Theodora, a badass Byzantine Empress who ran an empire and championed women's rights. 


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