We search the globe to bring you the best erotic pleasures made for women*, by women. 

Long gone are the days when old dudes in stiff suits were tasked with creating products for women they were yet to understand. Women understand women. We get it, we get you. So, we have searched high and low to find the gals who are pushing boundaries, who are unapologetic and uncensored; who are celebrating sex positivity and the female form in all it's beauty. From the creators of erotic accessories, to film makers, to bloggers and illustrators, authors and sex toy makers. Welcome to our tribe, welcome to the future of sex.

(*our tribe is trans-inclusive and includes women, trans & gender non-conforming illustrators.)


Who's Theodora?

We're named after the Empress Theodora, a badass Byzantine Empress who went from being a hooker to running an empire and championing womens' rights.