In our second decade of producing the most refined, most luxurious and most iconic objects of desire in the world, LELO has established a heritage based on quality, on unexpected innovation and on being entirely different from everything and everyone else.
— lelo

why LELO?


At first glance, it may seem that Lelo goes against our "female first" policy of curating the best erotic pleasures made by women because as many know, Lelo is now a big corporate created and run by a group of men.

However, we're including them because they have been in the revolutionary in their technology and their designs.

They were the first to create a toy that women were proud to own. They matched well-made with beauty to create toys that worked but that also sent a message that our pleasure shouldn't be an indulgence but a part of our everyday lives.

Oh and they also created the most expensive sex toy in the world and seriously, there ain't a pussy out there that isn't worthy of a date with Inez, their $15,000 24-karat gold plated massager.