paul seville

First and foremost an innovator, designer, and leather craftsman extraordinaire. Discovering a method of how to convert his passion for traditional leather craft, with a healthy dose of eccentric boudoir couture and his natural born adeptness for turning natural leather skins into a commercially viable venture in the early 1990’s, his designs have become a recognised brand in their own right. One of a kind, Seville stands alone with his art; where he succeeds in his individuality and where many have attempted to imitate, he incorporates old traditional leather craft tools and techniques to create an exceptional signature style, which is 100% exclusive to the brand. Seville was the originator in luxury erotica, In fact, Paul Seville was the first designer to produce a range of luxury leather intimate boudoir accessories; his early collections and product lines helped to create the market & genre for this type of commodity; the ‘boudoir and intimate’ collections form the main body of the brand.
— paul seville