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Momotaro Apotheca’s Lindsay Wynn

Momotaro Apotheca’s Lindsay Wynn



You began Momotaro Apotheca to fulfil your own needs. Can you tell us about that?

It was the perfect storm. About two years ago, I found myself looking back on a decade of work in the commercial beauty world as a photographer feeling pretty unfulfilled. At the same time, I was experiencing new and recurrent issues with conditions such as UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis. After a few months, I grew exceedingly exhausted with the lack of natural, organic, and inclusive products in the “feminine care” industry. My partner and I knew that we could create a more effective and inclusive product that could address the symptoms as well as the stigma associated with the antiquated “feminine care” world. 

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Lindsay Wynn and her partner created Momotaro Apotheca to fill a need in the vaginal wellness space. Their products are simple and pure.

Lindsay Wynn and her partner created Momotaro Apotheca to fill a need in the vaginal wellness space. Their products are simple and pure.

As well as Momotaro, you’re also working on Oshihana, a premium cannabis skin care line devoted to sexual wellness and recovery. Can you take us through the power of cannabis in regards to intimacy and pleasure?

I feel so lucky to have been exposed to the Cannabis industry at a young age - I knew it was helping a community of people around me and in the last decade have experienced its incredible medicinal qualities firsthand. One of the coolest things I don’t think people know is that parts of the cannabis plant can create a vasodilation. This basically means that when applied topically blood vessels in that area get wider. This enhances fresh oxygenated blood and increases feeling and healing. Simply put.  

What does sexual wellness mean to you?

Recognizing that sex isn’t one thing. It takes a lot of elements to make sex enjoyable.

Vaginal health is something we should all think about. What are some simple things we can do to look after that beauty?

There are a few simple things. Use natural products - everything from tampons, condoms, lube, soap, underwear. Our vaginal microbiome is sensitive - take care of it and don’t put chemicals up your vagina. SLEEP NAKED - let your vulva and vagina breath, sounds silly but tight underwear and clothing can cause irritation, it also feels good. Eat healthy and take a probiotic.

Lindsay’s companies aim to redefine the feminine care space and be inclusive of all bodies as such their products are inclusive and provide care for all ages, sexes, and genders. Photographed here is @Lisaspliffson

Lindsay’s companies aim to redefine the feminine care space and be inclusive of all bodies as such their products are inclusive and provide care for all ages, sexes, and genders. Photographed here is @Lisaspliffson

Women have suffered through pain for many years with little knowledge of ways to relieve it. In what ways do you think cannabis-infused products will affect our ability to heal in the coming years? 

One thing is the fact that THC/CBD can affect the body and the brain simultaneously. Western medicine has always been so targeted to one grievance - be it physical pain or mental. I think Cannabis and the Cannabis industry have the opportunity to address symptoms and discomfort more holistically. There are also AMAZING woman run companies and new science that is coming out all the time. I feel confident that we will have a really bright future in Cannabis. 

We’re becoming more ethical and smarter consumers. We expect products to be cruelty-free and made with no harsh chemicals, we also expect environmentally-conscious packaging. Do you think the smarter, more ethical consumer has helped in the re-education of intimate health?

I think anytime people are advocating for ethical standards on behalf of themselves, the community around them becomes more empathetic. It creates standards and expectations for how you want to be treated and how you should treat the people and planet around you. While that may seem far away from intimate health I think it is absolutely connected. Sexuality is an important part of our lives that is largely hidden. The more empathetic and honest people are - I think those conversations become a lot more available.  

Being a female in the intimate health space is tricky business in the age of a heavily censored social media. How have you found navigating that?

In all honesty - I hate it. It’s not easy, and navigating our purpose and ethics as a business while having to “play the game”  a little, requires a lot of consideration - especially in such taboo industries such as sex and cannabis. We have to constantly ask ourselves are we doing this because it’s right, or because it’s easy?

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@fetishfellow and Brianna Chin, photographed by Lindsay Wynn

@fetishfellow and Brianna Chin, photographed by Lindsay Wynn

We’re still very much learning about the complexities of vaginas and vulvas. You have some great blog posts on Momotaro, can you recommend 3 other websites or books for those wanting to know more about vaginal health and 3 for the benefits of cannabis and sexual wellness?

My favorite Cannabis site is - run by two friends of mine who know how to make educational, real, and accessible cannabis content. Cute and informational. is a second site I love relating to all aspects of sexual and reproductive health. We did an event with them awhile back and I still learn and grow from the community I met there. 

And finally my friend Molly Margaret She is one of the best people I know and spends so much time answering the questions nobody wants to ask. 

Who are the most inspirational women in your life?

There are really so many people. I am lucky to have an incredibly supportive group of family and friends around me. However, if there was one person who has truly impacted me it is of course - and not to be cheesy - my Mom. My Mom was marching in environmental rallies since before I can remember and always said to “Vote With Your Dollars”. This has led me to make decisions in two ways: 1. Stand up for the people, places and things you care about with your brain and your body. Marching, reading and sharing, along with listening to others can make a big impact. Major social and political change started at a grassroots level. 2. Voting with your dollars - while valuable, isn't always accessible. Socioeconomic restrictions are real and companies, especially for-profit companies should be making responsible decisions so the consumer doesn't have to. All of these things I learned from my Mom. 

Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn


Social: lindsaywynn & lovemomotaro

Company ethos: The Vagina is Complex; We Keep it simple.

Key products: Multi-Use Salve, Oil for Everywhere, Hydrosol



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